Introducing Gypsy, AKA Floofa Puss or Your Highness. A two-year-old, moggy, fluff breed who seeks out pats and hugs, but doesn’t lower herself to lap sitting. She will happily sit near you, just not on you. In the mornings when her foster mummy wakes up, Gypsy will run from whatever bed she is on (that she has many), meows and demands sufficient pats and cuddles before the day starts.

She is calm and generally disinterested in dogs, so having other resident doggies is not an issue for her. She is very good with older, dominant cats who call the shots around the house, but she does like to boss around the younger kids who haven’t quite found their place yet. So, she would best suit a home with an older resident cat, or a home where she is the queen of the house. She doesn’t fight with the smaller kids; she just likes to chase them and boss them around.

She can be a fussy eater, like most queens, she will only eat the best. She loves roast chicken and salmon… I know right, better diet than me. She does looooove her Royal Canin Hairball Biscuits. Due to her breed and the amount of hair she has, she can only eat hairball dry food as she has a tendency to get constipated.

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2 years old


Domestic Medium Hair

Newmarket, QLD



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