Michelle and Moochie

These are a bonded pair: Looking for a home together

Moochie and Michelle

Like macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate and marshmallows or peanut butter and jelly- some things are just better together.

While Michelle and Moochie look like identical twins, their personalities are yin and yang; perfectly balanced with one another.

Moochie aka Smoochie is an affectionate kitten and at times has zero understanding of personal space and boundaries. When she isn’t smothering her hooms, Moochie can be found zooming around the house as fast as she can. Why? No one knows.

In contrast, Michelle’s temperament is more level headed and relaxed. While she enjoys the occasional cuddle on the couch, she'll generally give you space and will relax nearby in her own comfort.

These two ladies will make the perfect pair of companions in their forever home.

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Michelle and Moochie

10 months old


Domestic Short Hair

Brisbane, QLD



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Michelle and Moochie

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