Meet our orphaned baby Possum!
Possum is an endearing rascal cross sweetheart. By day it's adventure time, conquering all corners of the house, fighting crime (by way of catching all the flies) and practicing his batman stunts, jumping from desk to ironing board, or seeing if he can continually beat his fastest time climbing his cat-tree.
By night he needs to retire and rest, to start all over the next day. His body clock knows when it's breakfast and dinner and he will come up and pull on your clothes to get you to fetch his meals. His body clock also reminds you that bedtime is approaching "so let's all go together so I can cuddle your face, leg, neck, fingers, any limb you don't put under the covers. Possum is a very gentle boy, great for singles, couples or families with children. He has one favourite toy that is bigger than him, yet insists on dragging it all around the house with him. Complete package of a kitten - cute, playful, funny and cuddly. Get in quick to enjoy a good 6 more months of kitten antics!

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6 months 3 weeks old


Domestic Medium Hair Mix

Annerley, QLD



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