Hello, my name is Toby and if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, I’m your man! I am a very affectionate little cat who will follow you around the house and stay with you when you are working, studying, reading or watching a movie. I am also happy in my own company and will find somewhere cosy when I need my own space. I don’t mind being left alone just expect a lot of talking and a few more cuddles when you get back. I love food and can become a little obsessive when my foster mum is preparing my dinner and hers, but I am learning to be patient and with a little bit of time and understanding I know I will get better. As a respectable gentleman I am toilet trained and I know what I can and can’t scratch. I do like to scratch my nails and stretch in the morning though and if you show me where I can I will always go to the same place. I like meeting new people but will be a little shy at first, if you give me time I will be up on their lap before you know it. Now the most important information, my favourite place for pats is behind my ears and between the pads of my front paws. I will hold out my front paws to you when I am resting for the hope of a scratch and if your hand is next to me, I will rest my head in it.
I’m Toby and I can’t wait to meet you.

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3 years old


Domestic Short Hair

Brisbane, QLD 4000



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