Tofu & Noodles

These are a bonded pair: Looking for a home together

Tofu is just the most stunning cat. With his rich blue grey steal coat and long fluffy tail . His coat is currently getting longer and be a short-medium length but his tail will be this magnificent feather duster.

Now Tofu, this boy was very popular when he first went up for adoption, although it was quickly noticed that he wouldn't be able to function without his brother in a new home. He is definitely a food orientated kitty cat and food is his favourite thing. He knows what he wants and is very vocal about it. He will definitely let you know when he is hungry or wants attention. He is also very playful, confident and is independent. Tofu can sometimes be a bit rough when he plays, but Noodles will always let him know when this is the case. He is also very happy to curl up beside you and his brother come nighttime. His tail is thick and fluffy, but his coat is short-medium, so it is easily cared for. He is quite happy to be brushed, so his tail is easily maintained.

Noodles. He loves his people and loves to play and be with you whenever he can. Only thing in the world he doesn't like and is scared of is the vacuum, totally normal. He is very sweet, gentle and great-natured. He comes across as a serious kitty sometimes because he likes to watch what's happening and you can almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he tries to work out the situation. He is very confident and will sit on your lap and the keyboard at your computer, but will happily snuggle up beside you at night.

These boys are going to be very popular, so if you feel you can provide the perfect home for them, please send through your applications now!

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Tofu & Noodles

10 months old


Domestic Short x British Blue

Camp Hill, QLD



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Tofu & Noodles

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