Good dawning to thee, friend,

I'm a smooch gentleman, who likes nothing more than cuddling with the right hooman.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my friendly personality, closely followed by my smashing everything. I hope you will find me to be as special as a sunny summers day, and my face as awesome as the first moon landing.

I am a professional cuddler, if you're the right hooman for me, you'll be lovable, sweet, love cuddling and have eyes for me only. I prefer being in a monogamous feline relationship. Oh and did I mention you won't be afraid to cuddle?

My life goals include:
* Receive a telegram from an owl
* Write a sonnet that captures our love
* Become the best cuddler I can be

My ideal day would involve purring on your comfy lap. The right hooman will light up my day like somebody igniting a sparkler on a particularly stormy November 5th.

Until we meet,

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14 months old


Norwegian x

Everton Park, QLD




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