My foster Mumma pampers me and spoils me beyond belief. I know how good I have it, believe me. Recently retired from being the wild child on the streets, I have found my true vocation in watching over the hoomans who think they rule.. silly humans, cats reign supreme!!
In return, I get all the massages, gentle pats & grooming, birdwatching, sunny spots, cat trees and a zillion other playthings, of course a cat buddy or two keeps my figure in tip top condition & I love to play every chance I get.
I like the finer things in life, cozy blankets and snuggly beds to keep me toasty any time I feel a chill, one can never have enough blankies and soft fluffy beds to curl up on.
But if you have a lap, nice cozy pjs, Netflix and a big enough couch for two, we might just hit it off!!

**Please note, in the group photos, Ziva is the one on the left in both**

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2 months old


Domestic Short Hair

Everton Park, QLD




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