How can you help?

Partnering is going to be the key turning point for our charity to really make a difference. There are a plethora of partnership options. Corporate sponsorship of one of our events. Becoming a financial partner in one of our life changing programs. Collaborating in the sale of your handmade quality products with either discount codes, providing us products to sell in our shop or donating a small margin to our rescue via promotions which in turn helps share your quality items to more people! There are so many ways to partner with DARE to really make a difference.


Networking is everything! Did you know by sharing 1 of our Facebook page posts for animal needing foster or adoption, statistically they have a 15% higher chance of getting a result? If you share 2 posts a day it goes up to 32.5%! IF your company has a weekly email, why not put our website in! It is free to you but will send our rescue name through a much wider network and we can help more people!

Other ideas include recommending us in Facebook groups, tagging us in posts of animals in need (especially border collies), recommending our shop for gift ideas, getting the friends to come down to one of our events….. it all helps!


Education is the key to everything that you want to achieve. If you can offer your qualified experience to the rescue such as; dog trainer, vet, nutritionist, public speaker, education programmer in a school; office; agriculture show etc. We need more people to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and not backyard breeding.



Shopping with DARE is not purchasing an animal! Now we have all heard the expression “ Adopt DON’T shop” but this is a very different kind of shop. By purchasing items that we have in our D.A.R.E store as gifts, toys for your animals or supplies for your home – means you are circulating your money back into the rescue. This helps us continue to provide top quality care to more animals in need.

Donating doesn’t just mean money! You can donate much needed supplies, bedding, food, flea and worm products as well as money! Donating differs to sponsor as you are allowing us to put the money to what is the most urgent financial matter such as vet bills or petrol to complete a long-distance road trip. Sponsoring however is directly to one animal of your choosing and not used across the rescue.


Volunteering is an essential service to our rescue. It can be anything from committing to an admin role to helping transport death row animals to freedom. You may have amazing BBQ skills and want to put them to good use at our fundraisers! No role is too small and every time you volunteer, you help us become more successful. 



Sponsoring an orphan is one of the most generous things you can do. You are DIRECTLY helping us save an animal’s life by giving choosing to support an orphan. You get to name that orphan and you will receive a much deserved thank you token and private updates about how your baby is going. This is a great option for people who don’t have the time to foster or adopt but want to help an animal of their choice directly.

Fostering is as vital in saving a life as adopting. It means you open your home to a rescue animal but without the 20-year commitment. You actively help rehabilitate them and are an integral part of their journey to a forever home. It’s a great way to teach children responsibility with out the bills!


Adopting an animal means you are choosing to save a life from a shelter or a rescue group. It means you are not supporting backyard breeders who directly contribute to the 250,000 animals killed each year in Australian pounds. You are giving an innocent animal a new chance of life.


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