Meet Archie the gorgeous, goofy chocolate Labrador x something!
Some days we think x cattle, other days his love of people screams staffy, if you squint reeeeeeeeally hard some people even think kelpie (*specsavers*) but we know he is definetly cross cookie monster! (Guaranteed)

So how to describe Archie using words..... mmm...

Well first of all he is an energetic love bug. He loves to be with people and play chase me Charlie in the garden. He definetly channels his inner David Hasslehoff with his raging dad bod, insatiable love for the water and his adorable yet failed lack of charm with the ladies!

Like all washed up celebs, they have their faults. It's clear Archie was sold by a backyard breeder far too young (6 weeks likely). His behaviours are consisted with dogs sold prior to 8 weeks who lack social skills and the ability to speak doggy language which they learn from their parents are 10-12 weeks.

So an example..chocolate raisen head here will waltz up to any dog even if they have lifted their lip or are growling and will still get up in their face to play. Sort of like those sales people in the middle of shopping centres trying to get you to body scrubs from Isreal that you avoid all contact with from 100m away but they STILL come up to you?!!
( I used to be one so I formally apologise)

So if Archie was a human, he would be sporting a few black eyes from ignoring the warnings signs from others that need space. Despite this it's just because he wants to play.

He's still in the puppy phase and so we are looking for a home with someone willing to continue his training, socialization and who will forgive him for being an aqua clown!

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1 year 8 months



Labrador x

Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia






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