You met Breeze the other day but let's give you the real tea. Breeze is a sweetheart trapped in a timid bubble.

When she arrived and was a skeletal homebrand wafer. Thin, dull coated, not much to her, and tittles with anxiety. Our goal was to turn her into a malteaser. Strong, shiny, smooth coat with a soft, bubbly inside with curves in all the right places!!

She adores to run * shock horror * but her foster parents are teaching her to be a dog. she didnt display any normal rambunctious puppy behaviours. She should be a bouncy, energetic young grasshopper that's full of beans and curiosity. Instead she didn't know how to play and had no interest in toys.

Her foster parents have brought that little honey comb nature out day by day, teaching her to trust and feel free to express herself. Nothing worse than a puppy who is scared to interact.

A home with another dog companion is imperative. She thrives around other dogs and the confidence has soared via osmosis almost! She can sit and drop and is learning to heal. She doesn’t pull on a lead. She is happy to spend all night in her crate and will let you know when she needs to toilet. She hasn’t had a single slip up. She is food motivated and loves her Kong and food puzzle toys.

She is fine around the cat, but still requires supervision. She is such a loving little dog. She would love to have a human she could follow around all day. She is quite the healer. She would be someone’s devoted companion. She is a petite BC. No children under 10

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10 months



Border Collie

Tarampa QLD 4311, Australia






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