Meet Cadie the Kelpie x who, the only thing she is willing to work for is your love, cuddles and attention. Miss Cadie's perfect morning is a snuggly sleep in where she doesn't have to get up before 7 am.

Cadie has the most beautiful soul and she loves people and is always up for snuggles. She is excellent with kids and just wants to be part of the family. She is definitely protective of her tribe and she would love to be in a house where she is included in house activities. Think extra large lap dog and that is what you will get with Cadie. She is gentle with her food and incredibly patient with people.

Cadie does sometimes experience anxiety, but this definitely reduces when she in a familiar environment with the people she trusts.

Cadie is reactive to other animals and will need to be in a single pet household. She could benefit from some training and support to help in this area. Know that whatever effort you put in with Cadie, she is prepared to give it back to and then some. She is always willing to learn and please and just as she will be patient with you, she will benefit from patience and reassurance from you.

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1 year old



Kelpie x

Alexandra Hills QLD 4161, Australia





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