This is California! She'll be 4 on the 4th of July. What a patriotic girl! She loves nothing more than frisbee and any type of ball. She loves water, as long as she can touch the bottom.
She's crate trained, she only sleeps in there of a night. If we're out, she stays in the house and we've never had an issue with chewing or anything similar. She tolerates the car, but I think she's become less confident as there's bigger gaps between us taking her in the car unfortunately. She does occasionally bark, however is only when she can visibly see something (someone) walking past or at the door etc. She can be excitable with new people, but obviously has settled down as she's gotten that bit older.
Cali is food obsessed. She is fed in her crate. She's never been around food & another dog but I don't think she'd appreciate it because she does obsess. She has been known to take food from surfaces if left near the edge and unsupervised but then who doesn't right?
She's sociable with other dogs at the dog park etc, but isn't interested unless they're another working breed cause she is a little breeds! . She doesn't appreciate small dogs but has never been aggressive.

she has had basic obedience training and obviously picks things up very quickly but would probably benefit from a refresher. Sometimes they are too smart for their own good!
She is an indoor dog. She's never slept outside or been outside for an extended period and I don't think she'd be very happy about it. She loves a good belly rub, and will settle down in the evenings for a cuddle on the couch. Cali just loves company and will follow us around the house and lay at our feet wherever we stop.
She's grown up with cats and loves playing with them, but has never been rough or shown aggression.
We've never had any concerns about her around a toddler, she has knocked her over on the odd occasion while playing but entirely our fault.
She loves catching bubbles and as much as she loves water, she hates a bath and being brushed. We get her groomed every 8 weeks or so and they keep allowing her back and claim she behaves ??
We currently feed Meals for Mutts grain free.

She has almost severed her toe on the L front foot and had surgery. It's fully healed etc and doesn't impact her, it just doesn't sit perfectly straight and she doesn't like it being touched. We just like the mention it to the groomer & vet etc so they're aware it's a sensitive area.
We use a halti to walk her, she's quite well behaved on the lead and happy to walk next to bikes and prams etc. But can be reactive to other dogs if they bark first. Usually once she's had a sniff, if appropriate, or redirected, she's fine.

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4 years old



Border Collie

Deebing Heights QLD 4306, Australia




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