Cherry Ripe

Meet Cherry Ripe

Cherry was left in the pound while nearly all her puppies were sold. We drove down to NSW to go and get her and we were not expecting to find her struggling to survive. She was shut down, struggling to breath and was hardly rousable. She had emergency surgery revealing she had a nasty infection in her stomach and intestines. She is now well but needs a family of her own. She is a beautiful, affectionate girl but it is clear she has been neglected. She is so scared to be alone and just wants to be with you all the time.

She is not even food driven which is so sad to see because it means that she has never been spoilt or loved properly. She's good on the lead, doesn't pull at all and enjoys a short walk as a low maintenance girl. She's great with kids, very patient and seems to enjoy their company.

She'll happily sit on your lap if you let her too 🤣 she's happy to just go to her bed for a sleep when there's not much going on, or she'll follow you around the house to see what youre up to! There are no secrets with Cherry around. She enjoys being part of it all and wants to be wherever we are.

She will bond heavily to one person and seems to lean more towards females.

Her ideal home is a retired couple who dont leave the house much as she really hates to be alone. Or someone who works from home in a similar position. If you are out for 8 hours+ a day she will hotel and cry and panic. So we need to find that perfect home bodies for her. She HATES cats and is not a fan of other dogs because she wants to be spoilt as a princess.

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Cherry Ripe

6 years old



French Bulldog x Staffy Dog

Brisbane QLD, Australia






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Cherry Ripe

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