Cobber is a very gentle, quiet and reserved 5-year-old neutered male kelpie collie cross. He loves to run, get out and about and explore so would do well in a loving home with a little land for him to run and play or someone to go on lots of walks, runs, and bike rides with or even do a little work on a hobby farm with someone who takes the time with him as he is an intelligent dog and absorbs instruction well.

Although not a trained cattle/sheep dog, Cobber has spent time on farms and has had some experience ‘Sheep Herding for City Dogs’, which he excelled at and thoroughly enjoyed. He has also completed basic obedience school and some obstacle course work as well. He is easily trainable given his high food motivation although he can be a little sneaky if anything edible is left unattended on the kitchen bench!

Cobber is always predictable and dependable, but prefers a quieter home as loud noises, crowds, and small children make him a little nervous. He does enjoy tagging along on car and ute rides, and hanging out in quieter coffee shops, country markets and the foreshore. Generally, Cobber loves to be included and within eyeshot of his human, and he is extremely loyal and will reverse into you for an ear scratch, back rub or a bit of reassurance from time to time.

Cobber appears friendly with all other dogs aside from intact males. He particularly enjoys the company of dogs of similar statue capable of running fast and/or play fighting with him. Unfortunately, he does also have a keen eye instinct and as such, is best kept away from small animals including cats to ensure he doesn’t lunge. He is extremely quick and can jump surprisingly high and has caught the odd magpie and lizard off guard in his backyard from time to time.

He does also need a secure property. While he has never left while I’ve been home, my fences are 1.8m high and I also have a collar and electric wire running the perimeter which I installed after he scaled the fence for a swim at the beach while I was out and skipped his usual morning walk.

Overall, Cobber is a very easy, clever, loyal and calm companion to have around. He’s eager to work and please and so would do extremely well in a quieter home with a job for him or something to keep his mind and body active and stimulated.

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