Hi my name is Henry and I am one of Honey's puppies.
Like my brothers and sisters we are a great group of puppies we all enjoy each others company and play most of the time stax-on is one of my favourites except when Harvey flops down on top.
All of us pups are very quiet unless we bite each other too hard. I am interested in a family that wants me to be part of their family not just a pet as I can reward you with that undying love that we as Border Collies crosses can provide, all I want is pats cuddles and kisses, and I will try and do everything that you ask me to and if I get your command wrong, just know it is not on purpose as I only know how to please.
I do need human interaction each and every day otherwise the intelligent side of me kicks in and says I am bored what can I do to get your attention back? But if you want me please fill out an application putting down as much information as you can, which may mean adding in some extra pages, my foster says we get heaps and heaps of applications for us and yet he reads every one of them because he is the only voice I have and is determined to find the right place for me.
Me and my brothers and sisters are not like those yappy fluffy things, we are not demanding but never far from you we can read your moods so if we think you need a hand up we will just put our head on your knees and let our magic eyes look deeply at you, mind you it could also mean I want to eat what you have in your hand. Thanks Henry.

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2 months old



Border Collie x

Loganholme QLD 4129, Australia




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