Holly (pup)

Hi my name is Holly, I told my foster that I did not want my photo in the garden as I wanted a neutral background so all can see my natural beauty, I am a girl you know...
I am quiet until one of the others want to play tug of war, I win. I love life to the max, love playing and love being played with, pick me and you will never have a sad day, yes I want to be part of your family, I want to go for walks, put some sunnies on and you can take me to the beach, walk with me and I will always make you look good, but I also need regular pats and hug, I love being told how good I am and I will let you know how good you are, I am not one of those boisterous annoying dogs, I like just being there with you, if you ask me nicely I will sleep by your bed and if you are really good I may sneak onto the bed, not that I am scared of the dark. I am good with kids and if I find they are too noisy I will find a little corner to sit in and watch the day go by. But you will need to complete an application form, and a simple tip, put as much information on as you can even if you have to add a couple of extra pages, my foster reads every one even though we get heaps and heaps of applications as he is my only voice to protect me and find my perfect home. Thank you and I hope we can see each other, love Holly

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Holly (pup)

2 months old



Border Collie x

Lota QLD 4179, Australia




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Holly (pup)

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