We all know what happened to Jack.... a boy with no parents who fell in love with a rich girl on a giant fancy pool float, only for her to not share her dam life saving piece of wood.... pfft

Well ladies and gents, don't ask us how but we are going to re write Jack's life story!

Jack actually loves the water (go figure) and fishing is his thing. Don't be mistaken, he's useless at it because he has no thumbs but who are we to judge?

When he's not barreling the barra, you'll catch him on the back of the ute, letting the wind sweep through his metaphorical mane!

Now the real tea.... He is great with people. Yes, that's right, this smithy adores people of all shapes and sizes and even those in the diapers! He does prefer to be the only dog but does get along with others with the right introduction!

Want me to REALLY BLOW YOUR MIND? Are you ready? Are you sitting down on a plank of wood holding on? He EVEN SLEEPS WITH THE CAT.

He's a very loving dog looking for a loving, Active family with some children to play with. He loves being inside with the family and he shakes with both hands, drops, rolls, waits for his dinner and even lets you know when he needs to tinkle!

His leg is a little wonky but is heart is straight lovin'!

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5 years old



Australian Cattle Dog

Gold Coast QLD, Australia





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