Hi I am Maia, I have been asked to write a bio, but what do you put down when you are almost perfect. I am very much a girlie girl, but at the same time I have been brought up in a tough school of my brothers and sisters, if you stare into my eyes I will trap your heart and you will never be able to leave me as I am as I said before almost perfect. I want a family who can give me the love that I will return ten fold, I have developed this technique that if you pick me up I melt into your arm and shoulder, I do like people around me a lot because not on am I almost perfect, but I am also very intelligent, so do not let me get bored, if over my life time you cannot do this, you might be better getting one of those little yappie dogs, but you will never get an intelligent conversation from them like what you would get from me, so think hard almost perfect or a fluffball, there is no choice really, Pick me!!

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2 months old



Border Collie

Morayfield QLD 4506, Australia



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