Hi my name is Malachite, like my brothers and sisters I am quiet, love sleeping and I general join in with the crowd, but when they get to rough I will find a quiet spot to watch, I love cuddles and being made the centre of attention, I am very much a Border Collie so I need to be occupied or I will need to test my boundaries, tug of war is my favourite game at the moment, where I live they have a cat, I have looked at her a couple of times but she does nothing so I do not pay any interest in her. Where I move to I want to be an important part of your family and if I see some one who is sad I will sit on their lap until I can get a smile. We live a long time, sometimes more than 15 years, if you can honestly say that the feeling you get when I arrive will be the same feeling when I am over 12, I do really want to be part of your family.

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2 months old



Border Collie

Morayfield QLD 4506, Australia



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