Let me guess: You sing in the car. Loudly. Off-key. And did I mention loudly? Or you snore, or talk in your sleep, or like to practice your bagpipe playing. Well, that might make a lesser dog than I, Sassy, have second thoughts about coming to live with you and love you, but not me!

That's because my heart is SO ENORMOUS and my potential for devotion is PRACTICALLY BOTTOMLESS and also...well, can I join in?
I'll just snooze away happily at night while you snore and mutter. Tell me that's not a relationship made in HEAVEN! Some have described as "needing to learn manners" but I prefer to think of as EXUBERANT and FUN-LOVING! I'm really, really excited to meet you and show you just why they call me SASSAFRAN!!

Tell me you're not frantically reading these words, thinking, "MY GOD! I must find out how to adopt this dog RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!"
Calm down, off-key-singing person!

I have all the information you need to adopt me, or share me with some other bagpipe-playing human who needs me in their life.
You will love me; I guarantee it! And if not, don't you have a friend or relative who needs some BIG DOG LOVE?

Kids, Cats, Dogs check..

*Sassy is not yet desexed, but will be before she goes to her forever home. She is going to be a big girl, so please only enquire and apply if this is suitable for you and your lifestyle**

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2 months old



Catahoula x

Everton Park QLD 4053, Australia



Adoption Fee: $

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We do not allow meet and greets without application forms. 


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