This sweet little lady prefers kids 6 +, only as she doesn’t know how strong she is, she is great with her current 4-year-old housemate but knocks her down by accident when she starts to play. She will need help with socialisation with other dogs and cats. Her foster carers are working on this, but it will need to be something her forever home will commit to for her. She prefers to have people around her all day, so if she is home alone, she will need stimulation and a good fenced back yard so she doesn’t escape – she isn’t a digger or a jumper in general, she hasn’t destroyed the yard, but she has tried to escape when left at home alone. Kennelling or crating is not an immediate option for this lady, as she is not fond of it because she has had no interactions with them. This could slowly be introduced and trained.

She isn’t food orientated and will not eat treats, or scoff her food down, she is a grazer – this is good as she is a wolfhound and they can be prone to bloating which can be deadly. She is a very, very smart dog and is very eager to please and is full of love. She thinks she is a lap dog and will be on you, your couch and in your bed as soon as you aren’t looking. Belly rubs, pats and cuddles are ESSENTIAL. She is still learning to play properly with her humans, so she still mouths when she plays, not rough but gently. She can’t chase a ball to save her life, she is highly uncoordinated and funny to watch when she tries. She likes water and the beach, doesn’t mind a bath but doesn’t like to be blow dried. She doesn’t mind being in the car but must be harnessed safely as she is under the impression she knows how to drive and will try and sit in the driver’s seat. She needs to be on a lead when he is being walked, she walks on your left side and does pull a little but is learning. She can’t be off a lead yet, she will run like the wind

She is very female orientated. She’ll come for love and pats if you are a man as well but seems to prefer a snuggle with her foster mum than her foster dad. She LOVES her stuffed bunny, so this is needed in her nice cuddly bed (If she still has it and hasn’t slobbered it to death when she gets adopted)

She really is the most lovely girl, and is still in puppy mode, so will need ongoing training and socialisation, but with this training and socialisation, she would make the best family dog you could want

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1 year old



Border Collie x

Burleigh QLD 4822, Australia





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