Last Litter Program


 Here at D.A.R.E we know that life can throw us some pretty big curve balls and leave us feeling helpless. When your animal accidentally falls pregnant, you suddenly face a dramatic increase in financial responsibility to:

Put the mum on high quality food




Purchase a whelping box


Pay for ultrasounds


Emergency caesarean fee


Litter health check


Formula supplement


Introductory food for the litter


Worming every 2 weeks


Legal mandatory microchip per baby

$60 x litter volume

Vaccination per baby


Register the litter to council


You also have to register the litter to your local council, apply for a supply or bin number and register the litter!



Here at D.A.R.E we are committed to helping the community by reducing the number of unwanted and homeless dogs and cats as well as taking on the financial burden of litters.


FORM - You fill in our Last Litter Program Form with as much information as you can about the mother and her jelly beans!


FOSTER - A member of our team will match the mother and her needs to one of our highly qualified, approved registered carers homes. Our team is run by registered nurses who specialize in neonatal care therefore your mother and babies are in the best capable hands.


SUPPLIES - We cover all the financial costs of the birth, raising the animals and we provide all the supplies for a successful whelp. 


FREE - When the litter is fully weaned, we microchip and desex the mum FOR FREE and give her back to you as her loving family.


VETWORK - When the babies are of age, we microchip, vaccinate and desex them and then put them up for adoption on our website.


APPLICATIONS - New owners have to go through an intense and thorough application process in order to be approved for one of the babies!


REHOME - If you feel that you can no longer have the mother, you can opt to surrender her to our organisation for rehoming to if need be.


NO JUDGEMENT - You are not alone! We are here to help you through our private, safe, non judgmental program.


Pyometra is a uterine infection that develops in undesexed female dogs and cats after a heat cycle. It is a deadly condition that requires emergency surgery costing between $1000-$2000. An unspayed female dog has a 1 in 4 chance of developing this deadly disease if not spayed. This is estimated to increase by 20%  every time she has another litter. By us desexing her for free - irradicates the chance of her dying from Pyometra

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