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Ready to join the D.A.R.E. team and save a life?


What is a foster carer

Foster carers play a huge roll in the rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected or tormented animals. As a foster carer, you are vital in helping us save and safely rehome these animals. Though it can be challenging for different reasons at times, it is thanks to the love, patience, and commitment of foster carers that these animals are healed enough, both physically and emotionally, to become a candidate for adoption to their perfect forever homes.  It is an incredibly rewarding experience, knowing you have saved a life.


Your role is to be their guardian, their teacher and most of all, their voice. You provide them with a safe and warm indoor home; nutritious meals; the ability to relearn trust; transport to and from one of our medical partners; behavioural rehabilitation; an awesome photography portfolio to boost their egos; an abundance of love and enrichment and most of all; you provide them with a chance at a new life.



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