Surrender an Animal

Life rarely goes according to plan. Making the decision to surrender an animal is a difficult experience for any pet owner. However, If you are in a situation where you can no longer keep your pet, rest assured we are here to help you.


We are compassionate when people relinquish an animal in times of change, stress, and uncertainty, be it through relocation, ill health, old age, separation or financial hardship. Our team works together with you, to find positive outcomes. We also assist in getting lost pets back home.


D.A.R.E is a trusted non-profit charity and our dedicated team of pet experts is here to support you through this difficult process. We do all the hard work for you so that all you have to do is take care of your emotions.



D.A.R.E is a 100% no kill rescue. That means your animal will remain safe with us throughout their entire journey of adoption no matter their health, age, behaviour or history. Your animal will NOT go into a kennel. Your animal will be enrolled into our foster care model which means they will be in one of our registered carers homes. This reduces the stress of a new environment, reduces social isolation, improves their transition into a new home and gives them the best chance of successful adoption. 


D.A.R.E vows that your personal information will never be shared or shown to the public. So, if you surrender a litter or an animal, we will not name and shame or share any information when we post the animal on our page for adoption. We will treat you with the up most respect and professionalism.


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D.A.R.E has extensive experience in rehoming animals, especially border collies. We have border collie specific carers, neonatal carers, small breed carers as well as many other qualified volunteers.

We take the time to get to know their individual needs and natures and help rehabilitate them if needed. They have access to one of multidisciplinary team comprised of vets, physiotherapists, chiropractors, Bowen healers and behaviourists. We then match them carefully to new suitors through an extensive adoption process inclusive oh home inspections, fence checks, pet ownership history amongst other strict criteria.


D.A.R.E can guarantee that not only will your animal will find a perfect forever home but that in the event the adopters situation changes in a few months or even years, we will always take the animal back. We take full responsibility as the guardians of the animal and will remain so for as long as we remain open.