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ur Mission


To provide care, comfort and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community by dispelling animal suffering through supporting and educating humane treatment of animals.

ur Vision


We transform lives every day by inspiring compassion, responsible pet ownership and a positive relationship between animals and the community.  We provide exceptional animal care and education in order to save lives, end animal suffering, and ensure animal wellness; building a community where people value companion animals as lifelong cherished family members and treat them with respect and kindness.

ur Values












ur Values


Animals First

Advocate: To fight for the rights, value and welfare of animals.

Care: To desex, rehabilitate and rehome every animal in our care into ethical forever homes.

Empathy: Make decisions with empathy, act with compassion and respect for all living creatures.

Advocacy through Action

Transport: Our team will drive hundreds of kilometres or arrange transport to ensure an animal is safe.

Report: Report, to the police or other proper authorities, any acts of cruelty or neglect to animals.

Expectations: Take calculated risks to advocate for animals where expectations have a direct effect on achievement.


 Lead: To set clear expectations of strong animal welfare ethic. To be fair and ethical in all our dealings.

 Challenge: The status quo of animal management and education.

Strongly support compulsory de-sexing of all cats & dogs in the community through education (with the exclusion of registered breeders).

Be Courageous

We will own our actions, successes and mistakes.

Act with transparency, integrity and honesty.

Authenticity: To do what we say we will do.

Be Courageous

Influence: To judge our effectiveness by the extent to which animal lives are saved and improved,  by the positive experience of the people we touch.

Seek, provide and act on feedback to constantly improve best practices and search out new ideas and strategies to save more lives.

That allows the public access to truthful statistics about the likelihood of pets surviving private and public shelters.


Transparency: To be open and honest in our relationships.

Quality: Care of animals abandoned, lost, neglected, injured, maltreated and or ailing.

Resources: Raise and manage our resources with efficiency, transparency, & accountability to our members.


Educate: To promote responsible pet ownership and maintain a continuous campaign to educate the general public about their responsibilities towards the welfare of domestic animals.

Teach: Pursuit of knowledge in order to be a Leader in the animal welfare and education industry.

Team: Ensure our team of members, volunteers, and supporters are aligned with our passion to act with compassion and dedication, and uphold our mission, visions and values.

Community Focused

Collaborate: with the public, other likeminded organizations, volunteers, donators, adopters, fosters, vet clinics, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Awareness: about the realities that homeless animals face in the community and across the nation, providing a forum for people to get involved in effecting change.

Sustainability: Creating programs that directly impacts of number of animals needing to be rescued.

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